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Authorized translations  The need and the permanent requirement to provide authorized written translations for various branches of activity led us to what we are today: a team of professionals who are at your disposal to take over and process the documents you need, in the shortest time! Interpreting (simultaneous, individual, teleconferencing, etc.) Interpreting means mediating verbal communication between people who speak different languages. An interpreter picks up the message from the source language and chooses the most appropriate vocabulary in the target language to accurately render the message in a linguistically, emotionally, and culturally equivalent form. The Hague Apostille The Apostille is a certificate issued by the competent authorities of a signatory State to the Hague Convention, for official documents drawn up in that country, to be presented in the territory of another signatory State to the Convention. The apostille is in fact a stamp that is applied on certain documents and which certifies the veracity of the signature, the quality in which the signatory of the document acted or, as the case may be, the identity of the seal or stamp on this document. Superlegalizations of the Chamber of Notaries Specifically, the superlegalization refers to the proof on a notarial deed that it is official and true. It proves the quality of the signatory, as well as the identity of the seal or the stamp. Such action is carried out by the competent bodies. It will be necessary for the use of an act on the territories of the states that are not part of the Hague Convention and against which Romania does not have a bilateral treaty recognizing the acts. Notarial legalization To legalize the copy of a document, it is necessary to present to the notary the original of that document. The document whose legalization is requested will be photocopied at the notary office or, as the case may be, the copy provided by the client may be used, which the notary public will confront with the original. The legalized copy of the document allows the holder to prove a right or a quality with the help of a document other than the original one. Collations After writing or translating a text, language, wording or simply writing errors can often occur. These errors can be omitted by the author of the text, so it is necessary the intervention of an independent person to take the text and read it as the client would. This process requires a thorough knowledge of Romanian and English, so that the proofreader can adapt the text to specific linguistic realities, identifying errors and reformulating the text.
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